Canewdon Church Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

Ended on the 30 August 2007
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4. Planning Policies

4.1 Rochford District Replacement Local Plan was adopted in June 2006. Its objectives include the maintenance and enhancement of local heritage.

4.2 The Replacement Local Plan includes specific planning objectives to protect and enhance the historic character of settlements, particularly within conservation areas, and to formulate and publish a detailed assessment of each conservation area, indicating townscape features, buildings and spaces that distinguish the character of each conservation area, to be taken into consideration when new development is being proposed.

4.3 The Replacement Local Plan contains policies (BC1-2) formulated to ensure the preservation of the special character of the conservation areas and to promote good design within them. Further guidance for the assessment of proposals for development in conservation areas is provided in Local Plan Supplementary Planning Document 6.

4.4 The Replacement Local Plan also includes a range of policies dealing with development in Green Belt (policies R1-R10), and there is a general presumption against inappropriate development. The preservation of the character of historic towns and villages including Canewdon is included in the Council's objectives in applying Green Belt policies.

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