Canewdon Church Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

Ended on the 30 August 2007
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2. Character Statement

2.1 The conservation area encompasses the surviving elements of the historic church/hall settlement complex that historically remained separate from the more linear village settlement further east along the High Street. The east gate of the churchyard marks the transition from the intimate enclosure of the High Street to the open rural setting of the churchyard with its broad views across the landscape. From its elevated position the massive ancient tower of Canewdon Church is an important local landmark and sacred site, steeped in folklore and tradition. The conservation area has a rich architectural heritage, embracing four dramatically different buildings varying in scale from the church with its mighty tower to the diminutive parish lock-up, and displays a varied palette of materials including stone, flintwork, brick, weatherboard, render and clay tiles. Through these visually disparate buildings the conservation area carries a strong sense of place and of history, each one having contributed in its own way to the development of the village. The conservation area retains historical integrity both in its layout and in its architecture with few modern intrusions, in contrast to the High Street where significant modern development has occurred. The contributions of green open space, trees and hedgerows, and the informality of the spaces emphasise the essentially rural character of the area.

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