Paglesham East End Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

Ended on the 30th August 2007
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3. Statutory Protection with the Convservation Area (Fig. 1)

3.1 Paglesham East End conservation area was designated in March 1986.

3.2 There are five listed buildings or groups of buildings in the conservation area, all Grade II listed. These are Cupola House, the walls, gateway and urns of Cupola House, Chase Cottages, The Plough and Sail Inn, Buckland House and the telephone kiosk outside the Plough and Sail.

3.3 There are two public rights of way in the conservation area marked on the Definitive Map of footpaths in Essex, one running north along Waterside Road and continuing past Well House, the other running east along Waterside Road towards the creek edge and boatyard.

3.4 There are three Tree Preservation Orders covering trees in the conservation area ((ROC) 1/75, (ROC) 3/82, (ROC) 34/92). Other trees within the conservation area enjoy protection in as much as anyone within a conservation area carrying out works to a tree must give written notification to the local planning department at least six weeks beforehand.

3.5 The rural character of East End and its wider setting is recognised by a number of statutory designations. The settlement lies within Metropolitan Green Belt, and there is a general presumption against inappropriate development. East End is also within the Essex Coastal Protection Belt which recognises the special and undeveloped character of parts of the Essex coastline. The eastern part of the conservation area falls within a Special Landscape Area (SLA), designated as being of great landscape value, the conservation of which is considered to be important to the district as well as the county's natural heritage. There is a presumption against development in an SLA unless it accords with the character of the area.

3.6 With its low-lying setting Paglesham East End is situated within an area that has been designated as at risk of flooding. New developments must take into account the level of risk posed and must include appropriate flood mitigation and management measures.

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